The Hiring Game is a HR training game built in a great partnership with Flux Game Studio and Afferolab to attend Furnas, a subsidiary of Centrais Elétricas Brasileiras S.A. – Eletrobras, associated with the Ministry of Mines and Energy.

The game consists in a great fictional city immersion, where players have to manage the entire business process to achieve sucess. The game is multiplayer, and all players win when everybody finish their moves. It also has dependencies, which means for example that a player cannot evolve in the game if he doesn’t have any authorization from another player. There’s a real time limit to play it, otherwise an IA plays in his place to keep other players on the move.

It has a great script with four rounds. Each round have three groups, and each group have three players – and this subgroup must play together to finish their part. There’s also a group ranking, an individual ranking and a quiz game running independently, with its own ranking and achievement medals.

Build in Flash CC with FlashDevelop. Others technologies were involved such as Zend Framework, and JSON in order to make game scripts
Target: Web
Development Time: Two months.
Work: Game Engine Development, Engineering Leadership

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