Player in Casa Mais 360
Player in Casamento 360

We’ve created a new video player using HTML5 technology for our great friends from Casa Mais Comunicação, an agency from São Paulo. They had two products focused on event shooting in 360 degrees. Their old technology was built in Flash and didn’t run in smartphones. After some research we decided to use HTML5 with KRPano with some customization using the 360 Youtube player (to work in every smartphone).

The final product is a customizable player working in desktops, smartphones and even VR glasses such as Google Cardboard or Oculos Rift devices. This new product become a tool to reach more clients.

Built in HTML5, JS and KRPano.
Target: Web, Mobile and VR
Development Time: One month.
Work: Design and Development

By 12 de September de 2015 Augmented Reality blog Mobile Apps release Web

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