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Mad Mary is an endless runner game, where you’re a patient trying to break out of a mental institution, as well as his own insanity. Speed your way through the Sanitarium, while avoiding bears/wards, giraffes/dogs and cars to reach your freedom!


The Game

In Mad Mary you are in control of a mad guy running over green hills with happy bears, following giraffes and strange flying pills. But what this mad guy doesn’t know is that he’s actually running in circles inside an asylum. You have to get out of this endless happy runner world to try your escape and maybe run free in your real world.

Power Ups

The player can evolve his status and abilities to double or even triple jumps, glide in the air, HP, slowmotion, resistence to pill effects, value earned with coins collected, magnet power and the invencibility Cupcake.


Missions gives player the opportunity to reach the game main goal: escape from the asylum. You can improve your character, in order to get missions done. The game also have an Endless Running Mode, where player can practice each level and learn controls, earning coins to evolve abilities.


Yes, we have it! From Giraffe’s to famous characters hats, like the Ash’s, the Chroma Squad Bucket, White Rabbit’s Ears and many others to give you extra abilities.