Make Me Laugh is a Management Game developed to a contest created by SEBRAE (Brazilian Service of Support for Micro and Small Enterprises, in portuguese). With this project, we’ve got the 4th Place.

We had to create a game with the theme “entrepreneurship”. This way, we made a game where the player controls the manager of a stand-up commedy business. The player has to hire commediants, buy bar supplies to sell and set ticket price. Everything with caution, because the prices can ward off consumers.


The main objective in this game is to earn one million before you make 70 comedy shows. Every 4 presentations, you have to pay bills such as rent and taxes. At the end of each presentation the player can see finance balances of the show. He can also upgrade the entire place to please the consumers, or to amplify the commediants shows.


Built in Unity 5 and exported to WebGL. Others technologies were involved such as JSON in order to make game scripts and text internationalization.
Target: Web
Development Time: One month
Work: Entire game project


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