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The Shell

Hermit Crab is a game development studio for PCs and Mobile games. Founded in 2014 by Wallace Morais, who have been engaged in the game industry since 2006. We’ve been developing games for demand and also our own IP’s.

Our mission is to bring players through ‘out of the shell’ experiences, by telling stories with humour and a bit of reflection with interactive high quality solutions, focused on fun and engagement of players. We are working hard to be reference, and popularize our gaming industry knowledge. We are commited to help brands to communicate through the fun in digital games, with creative solutions.

Our headquarter is located in Porto Alegre – RS, south of Brazil.

Press Release
Wallace ‘Wakko’ Morais

Wallace ‘Wakko’ Morais

The Code Guy
28 years, born in São Paulo and graduated in Computer Science from Cruzeiro do Sul. Post-Graduated in Digital Games at PUC-RS. He has worked in Marketing, Education and Journalism, working in games on demand, e-learning, newsgames and educational projects for companies like Coca Cola, Editora Abril, Pearson, Kademi, COC and RBS Group. IT professional focused on Game Industry and Web Applications, with seven years of experience as a software engineer.
Guilherme Gonçalves

Guilherme Gonçalves

The 3D Guy
31 years old, graphic designer by formation. Graduated in Visual Arts at Universidade Federal de Pelotas (UFPEL). Worked since 2007 to 2015 developing flash and html animated content such as infographic projects, game-based experienced content and interactive features referenced in journalism as well, at Zero Hora - Grupo RBS. Post-Graduated in Game Development at PUC-RS, now working as Art Director at Hermit Crab and focusing expertise in 3D modelling and 2D/3D animation, game design and illustration.