Hermit Crab Game Studio
Based in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul

Founding date:
July 5, 2014


Press / Business Contact:


Penalti Mil Grau
The Blur Barbosa Vs Aliens



Hermit Crab Game Studio is a web, mobile and PC development studio, we have been creating games for a broad range of platforms, from browser to PC and mobile. Founded in 2014 by Wallace Morais, who have been engaged in the game industry since 2006. Our mission is to become a reference in the market with our interactive high quality solutions focused on the engagement of the users and players. Our headquarter is located in Porto Alegre – RS, south of Brazil.



Wallace, Post-Graduated in Digital Games at PUC-RS has worked before with games on demand, e-learning, newsgames and educational projects for companies like Coca Cola, Editora Abril, Pearson, Kademi, COC and RBS Group. Wallace decided to open his own game company and founded the studio Hermit Crab. In 2015 he join forces with Guilherme Gonçalves, Art Director, Post-Graduated in Game Development at PUC-RS. After some advergames and educational projects developed, they win a 4º place of Sebrae Entrepreneurship Games Contest. In 2016 they team up with Matheus Vivian, Business Director and Professional Athlete to develop authoral games in partnership with Athletes and Artists, starting with the game The Blur Barbosa VS Aliens.



The Blur Barbosa Vs. Aliens YouTube

Make Me Laugh YouTube

Pênalti Mil Grau YouTube



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Awards & Recognition

  • "Indie Prize Showcase Selection" - Casual Connect San Francisco with the game The Blur Barbosa Vs Aliens, Q2 2016
  • "Sebrae Entrepreneurship Games Contest" - 4º Place with the game Make Me Laugh, Q1 2016
  • "RBS Prize of Journalism and Entertainment" - Newsgame Combate do Barro Vermelho, Q4 2011

Selected Articles

  • "For the future, with the desired expansion of the company, the partners think about migrating the home office to an office, or gaining an incubation."
    - Geração E - Jornal do Comércio, Site
  • "Now we are negotiating an alternate version of the game to be set in the future, but the most awesome thing was our invitation to the Indie Prize Showcase. We saw this as a golden opportunity for our studio to grow up as a game company."
    - GameSauce, Site
  • "If win the Spain team, current European champions, it seems a work from another world, Leandro is the right guy to do it."
    - Lance, Site
  • "During the journey, the challenges between Barbosa and the aliens go through several important places in his history, like Pirituba, San Francisco and Oakland."
    - ESPN, Site
  • "Mini Hero Turbo is a bit like the "Thomas Was Alone" of Android."
    - Maxime Minimoi Cha, FrAndroid

Team & Repeating Collaborators

Wallace 'Wakko' Morais
The Coder

Guilherme Gonçalves
The 3D Guy

Matheus Vivian
The Business Doc

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