The Blur Barbosa represents the Earth in this interplanetary basket game for mobile


The NBA star The Blur Barbosa is ready to beat the aliens in an interplanetary basket game. 

Representing mankind, the brazilian basketball star Leandro ‘The Blur’ Barbosa must duel against the Aliens in a story full of emotion and surprise. Help The Blur to win this great basketball challenge! With a cartoon style environment, The Blur Barbosa Vs Aliens is a basket game inspired in the image and sportive trajectory of the Golden State Warriors basketball star Leandro Barbosa. Use your best strategy and all your precision in each shot!


Play with the basket NBA star Leandro ‘The Blur’ Barbosa!

Face exciting challenges in seven different scenes, in order to show your opponents who rules the Basketball World!

New basket Balls have different qualities to make a flawless performance.

Use Power Ups effects to make unique basket proper shots!

“During the journey, the challenges between Barbosa and the aliens go through several important places in his history, like Pirituba, San Francisco and Oakland.”


“If win the Spain team, current European champions, it seems a work from another world, Leandro is the right guy to do it.”

– Lance



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