We believe that games can help the world to become a better place by delivering positive messages.

Matheus Vivian

Connecting brands with millions of gamers & sports fans.

We are experts in developing branded and sports-themed games and experiences for the biggest football clubs like Arsenal, Benfica, Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester City and Barcelona FC. We also connect gamers and fans with brands such as Warner Music, The Walking Dead, Jamiroquai, Spinnin’ Records, L’oreal Nyx, and many more.

New ideas in a new media channel.

Multiple experiences featuring major sports brands across various platforms, building a vast and diverse audience. Games provide deeper and more enjoyable interactions with brands, taking this connection to a level that no other platform delivers. Our projects can bring branded content, integrate brands into original content, or create new possibilities that haven’t even been imagined.

Reel Hermit

We believe that games can help the world to become a better place by delivering positive messages.

The best thing about games: they are fun.

We combine entertainment and exclusive content. Everyone knows that people are tired of traditional brand activations. We’ve created a new approach by crossing different channels where everyone wins: brands, fans, and gamers. Social Media, Ads and traditional brand activations are frequently boring. Games are always entertaining.

Our Vision

By the end of 2025, we aim to do more than celebrate a decade of achievements. We seek something beyond being a benchmark in the national industry, but also consolidation as a global force in the world of sports gaming.

Each of our creations is a testament to our passion for gaming, blending technical innovation, engaging gameplay, and relevant partnerships. Our dedication extends beyond the boundaries of the screen: we aspire to enrich the experience of every player, making it playful, immersive, and social.

At the heart of everything lies a committed, skilled team tuned into our audience and products. Because more than just games, we create legacies. And this is just the beginning.

In essence, we are Hermit, uniting entertainment and responsibility to shape the future of gaming with boldness and passion.

We’re more than game devs.
We design and build dreams.

Guilherme Gonçalves

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